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Cosmic Gerbil

Ooh, a blog

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Just found my blog. Hmm, it's difficult to write cos I've got the light turned off. Even though he has a cat flap, Lars likes to sit IN the doorway and look outside cos he's Trollcat :P So I have to turn off the light so the moths don't come in.

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Updated 22nd August 2012 at 04:11 PM by Cosmic Gerbil



  1. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    You should be grateful. I want to live with Lars. :I
  2. Pyradox's Avatar
    Your cat is named Lars.

    That is so cool.
  3. Cosmic Gerbil's Avatar
    Hahah, I would like to live with Lars too, though that might be a bit awkward, as he has a girlfriend in real life :P

    Hehehe, guess who I named my cat after xD I help out at an animal sanctuary and when the kittens were born there, I named the one I wanted to adopt, Lars :)


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