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Stupid Lecture

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The Day before yesterday we have a day at my school where everyone watches a few lectures.

I had signed down for the Art of War, hoping that it was about the Sun Tzu book, but it was about Art in War. So that was my first lecture screwed. After that my day perked up a bit with some better lectures.

However, the best one has to be my last one.

It was by a famous Left-Wing rights activist. He was talking about economic democracy, and he was an idiot.

First, he made several maths mistakes, the biggest being that 100 billion over 25 years, plus 40 billion per year equals 140 billion per year.

Then, he went against the primary goal of every party, austerity, and said that there should be economic democracy. He then says that the top 10% (the lowest of whom earn £60,000 per year) should pay 70% tax, which, besides not being democratic, also is much too high, and he was saying this in the middle of a public school, where almost everyone was in that 10% bracket. He said that they have disproportionate wealth, but they have earnt that wealth and also pay disproportionate tax. He also talked about punishing people for reckless economic strategy, which makes up the whole stock market. He planned on putting tax on shares, which is stupid given that most share holders rely on making very small margins on their stocks.

He targeted typical targets for a left-wing activist. The rich and the bankers. He said that they had gone unscathed in the economic crisis. This is far from true, when they've been hit, proportionally, the hardest, with top bankers being fired from their jobs and the rich paying more tax than ever before. He also said that the shareholders should not have as much say in how the company is run, but pensioners who have their pensions in pension scheme companies should.

His speech was tactless and idiotic, and he'll never get anywhere. In the question section he was destroyed by a bunch of 15-18 year old boys. It was funny though, so I enjoyed it.

-If you've got this far, Thank you for reading

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