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by , 30th October 2012 at 03:25 PM (259 Views)
So, I was thinking....(always ends up going wrong)

Recently the Yu-Gi-Oh RP was opened up. But I was thinking, what if we just wanted a place for Dueling, without RPing. Would anyone be interested? We could host tournaments, leagues, friendly matches, anything. But the question is, where would we put it? Fun and Games seems quite likely, but doesn't feel quite right.

Anyway, your opinions.

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  1. FinalArcadia's Avatar
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    I love dueling, so I love the league idea. XD

    There is already a Dueling Network social group, if that's kind of what you mean. But for leagues, that might need something different.

    But I love the idea. ^^
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  2. HumanDawn's Avatar
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    I'd love us to have some Bulbagarden tournament in DN.

    The BulbaNet Duel Tournament :D
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  3. Phoenix502's Avatar
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    if someone plans on hosting something like that, I'd like to get a little notice ahead of time...
  4. AlphaMouse's Avatar
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    I'm going to host, although I'd like to have some more experienced duelists to help for things like reffing.
  5. Black Dragon's Avatar
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    Sounds like an awesome idea :D


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