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  1. Been a minute :)

    Lol, hey all that feel like dropping by ti read my blog :)

    It's been a good minute since I logged in; been dealing with school and work...lord work >:( that's done hit a major nerve today with me.
    Anyway, I've been so busy I haven't even had time to play my games that much or draw or anything :'( buttt.....

    I'm soooooo changing that this weekend :)) lol
  2. Why Typhlosion is indeed the best Pokemon ever...

    Do you know why Typhlosion is the best?

    1) The only pure Fire Starter ladies and gents! He isn't part Flying and he is most certainly part Fighting like all you others....bunch of losers and pansies; be a pure Fire type and take Stealth Rock like a mon.

    2) Only Fire starter, period, to learn Eruption!!!!!! The fastest one in the game at that and with a staggering 348 SP ATK, ima be opening up a Masterball-whoop-ass on you.

    3) I'm from Johto....that pretty ...
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  3. Virgo's POV: [8/26/2012] FU Ninja Theory!!

    Sup everyone; for those who decide to drop in and don't know me: Hey how you doin? My names Virgo thanks in advance for reading. :D

    Okay enough with the friendly exchanges...Let's see what Virgo, thinks is a no-go. I don't know how many of members here know about the upcoming title, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale [PSASBR], but there are a few issues about this title that just....finally irked me to do my first blog. For those who may not have seen yet: