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Vending Machine Hijinks

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by , 13th September 2012 at 08:59 PM (458 Views)
So yeah, I'm trying to get a drink out of a vending machines at the college and I'm paying in quarters. For some reason, it's not accepting my change. For some odd reason the machine was only reading 75 cents as opposed to a dollar, keeping me a quarter away from cold, refreshing deliciousness.

I admit, after pressing the coin return button for the second time, I started to yell at the thing. Then I examined the coins to see if if one was rubbed down or something.

Turns out I didn't have four quarters.

I had three quarters and Ten pence.

So British people, one of you was lucky enough to troll me long distance and I got a laugh.

Also, American vending machines do not like foreign change.

I also got my drink later.

AmeKren out.

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