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3DS's future

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The 3DSXL, the sequel to the 3DS is already out. So, what about the future for it? I think there's gonna be another 3DS, like how they made the DSI. I see the DS in two generations. First was the DS then DS lite, pretty much the same, except the DS lite had a nicer design, even though it wasn't bigger, its like a DS XL. Then the Gen 2 of the DS is the DSi. The DSi had alot of new features, camera, sound, internet, flipnote, I could go on and on. Then the DsiXL is the same thing, just bigger.Then the 3DS is like the 3rd Gen of the DS, or the 1st of the 3DS's. That's one reason why I thought they called it 3DS, besides the obvious. Its the third DS. So, now there'll be a 3DSXL, the 3DS, but bigger. So, next I see some kind of 3DSi or something like that. Then, likely a 3DSiXL. But this pattern only goes off how the DS was. The pattern may change. WHat about a 3DS micro/mini ;) ?

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  1. Narcisse's Avatar
    A 3DSiXL would be a great bit of machinery... as long as they don't call it that - it's quite a mouth-full!


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