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  1. I think my excitement for the Hoopa movie has died.

    When I heard the English voice for Hoopa coming from yet another person that TPCi pulled off the street and handed a script I was shocked (Not really), I was disgusted, and I was just turned off from this movie almost all together. Maybe I can pick myself back up in time for the Japanese release.
  2. Review: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

    As I have been playing through quite a bunch of JRPG games recently, I thought I would mix it up a little a try a strategy RPG. I heard really good things about the Disgaea series and it was cheap on PSN so I thought, why not?


    Disgaea is a very satirical take on many tropes found both in anime and video games and at times is hilarious. The game follows the adventures of Prince Laharl the heir to the Netherworld (basically hell) waking up and discovering that ...
  3. TPP is such a clusterfuck right now.

    Well, moreso than usual. Couldn't tell you why, though.

    That is all.
  4. Looking back on it

    I decided to pick up HeartGold partially for the memories and partially for the purpose of collecting a bunch of female Pokemon in Apricorn balls. Their restricted availability (found in only two games that are compatible with the rest, plus the fact that they're pretty rare in those games) seems to make Pokemon caught in them valuable, and some people just want a competitive 'mon in a ball that matched its coloring. So, I began a habit of going around Johto, picking as many Apricots as I could, ...
  5. Why I like/dislike the Pokemon XY series

    Hi! Okay so today I just wanna say why I like/dislike XY (the anime). Basically my personal pros and cons!

    >Each character seems to be getting a good amount of focus
    > Storyline isn't rushed
    > Every character has caught some Pokemon, and teams are developing at a good pace
    > Plenty of side-characters and rivals
    > The writers are handling the small amount of new Pokemon to discover well
    > Movies are great!
    > ...
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