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Lack of energy

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So I've come to realize that maybe that nutrient specialist was right about my Vitamin B Deficiency. I did a little research on B vitamins and they're very necessary for the red blood cell growth and I saw the word ENERGY and FATIGUE being lack of it. So I went over and bought some Super B vitamin supplements. And I guess I'm really excited to see how my moods change from it. If I still feel fatigue after a week or so, I'm going to have to get that checked out. But yeah I have changed my ways after I saw that nutrients specialist. I'm no health freak, trust me. I used to smoke and everything. x_x But my methods of getting energy wasn't the best way. Drowning myself in energy drinks and coffee everyday.. not so well, especially when it just makes me more tired in the long wrong. So I'm happy about this change.

Other than that I've been trying to search for an outfit for my job interview tonight. I have some black pants that will be good, but the shirt/jacket. Wtf, why would I have this attire lol. So I've been searching in my mom's closet for some shirts or jackets. Sad thing is even if I find one it's going to look ridiculous on me anyways since I'm tiny as hell haha. Anything that isn't small or small to a small medium isn't too good for me. ): Oh well, whatever. I feel confident and happy so I'm just going to smile and do the best I can.

I'll let you guys know later what went on and if/when I get the job.

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  1. Synthesis's Avatar
    Vitamin B is made by bacteria lining the intestinal walls. Eat more bacteria, so lick a lampost or something
  2. Titanium's Avatar
    thanks for the tip.



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