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  1. Lack of energy

    So I've come to realize that maybe that nutrient specialist was right about my Vitamin B Deficiency. I did a little research on B vitamins and they're very necessary for the red blood cell growth and I saw the word ENERGY and FATIGUE being lack of it. So I went over and bought some Super B vitamin supplements. And I guess I'm really excited to see how my moods change from it. If I still feel fatigue after a week or so, I'm going to have to get that checked out. But yeah I have changed my ways after ...
  2. Guess some things never change

    Pokemon forums never change. ):
    Even when I leave and play some Left 4 Dead instead for a year, and come back. It's still always a joy to interact with the fandom.

    Anyways, just a blog post to say that I'm happy to be back posting on the Pokemon forums.
    I've been busy with school and work.
    I got fired from my job I've been at for 4 years in May because a new manager came and hated me and always found something to yell at me for. She would change my schedule after ...