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...What a day.

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The weirdness started at around 10:30am. I was in 4th period physics, and our teacher was just about to hand us our tests. Just as she was telling us to put our dividers up, the code red alarm rang. No one was very scared or anything, because the office had told us that we were going to have a code red drill sometime this month. We were laughing about how we didn't have to take the test, and we barricaded ourselves inside the classroom and hid on the floor behind desks just like how we were told to. We were supposed to be quiet, but we weren't very quiet at all. There was a lot of whispering and soft talking and stuff. :P

Everything was okay for about half an hour, but we were wondering why it was taking so long for the all clear signal to be given, since it usually happens pretty fast in drills. One person was bored, so he got out his cell phone (you're not allowed to use electronic devices during a code red) and checked the news. And the headline was about our school being in lockdown. He freaked out and showed it to all of us, and we asked our teacher about it. She got up from behind the barricade and quickly went to check her email and reported back to us. It was a real code red.

We all got kind of scared after that. We didn't really care much while we thought it was a drill, but now we were really worried. I went on my phone and found the same webpage, and I passed my phone around to people who wanted to read the article. The article said "check back later for more updates" so every ten minutes I would reload the page and see if anything had changed. Our teacher started confiscating phones after a while, but mine was never seen. I also texted my mom telling her that I was okay, a lot of people texted their parents to let them know what was going on, although most of them already knew. (Email can be quite convenient.)

There was apparently a gunman sighted on the campus of a middle school just a few blocks away. That school, our high school, and my brother's elementary school were all in lockdown as a precaution. Police were on the campus of that middle school, looking for the gunman. He was supposedly a black man, with black clothing that walked with a limp.

We ended up sitting in the dark room, behind gum-filled tables, on the floor in lockdown for two and a half hours straight. We weren't allowed to get up or leave the room. And in the meantime, we got updates from that article: West Valley, my brother's elementary school, was still in session and was going on behind locked doors, the police searched two storage rooms on the middle school campus for this gunman and found nothing, they closed off all the four streets surrounding the middle school, there was a place for parents to come and receive information, the kids were all being kept inside. We didn't have anything to do, so we talked, played card games, etc. Our teacher gave us Starbursts every half hour or so as a reward. :P

Finally, at 1pm, we got an announcement from the speaker telling us that it was now "code blue" and we could take down the barricades, but we still weren't allowed to go outside. It was about then that we got the whole story (posted on Twitter): the report of a gunman was a hoax made up by a student. We don't know the student's name, or why they did it (it could be to get out of class, or maybe they were just mistaken) but regardless, we were allowed to go outside and have lunch, and then 6th period started like normal. Our physics teacher said that if she ever had to choose a class to get stuck with for two and a half hours in the dark, it would be us. :)

Well, the rest of the day was a little weird. 6th period was cut short by about 45 minutes because of the code red, I was supposed to give a presentation today, but it was rescheduled for Monday. We were supposed to take a quiz, but there was no time. I didn't have time to do my homework either (I was going to do it during lunch, but lunch was only 15 minutes today instead of 40) so my teacher said I could turn it in late for full credit. And we were supposed to have a quiz in history today, but instead we watched [I]Night at the Museum[/I] because our teacher thought that we had a long day and we needed a break.

Then I came home, and yeah. *sigh* It was a really long day. It was interesting, I guess, but I'm glad it's over.

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  1. SquishyFace's Avatar
    Good lord, all these shootings and almost shootings, WTF IS GOING ON WITH OUR COUNTRY!? I swear to god if this school is in Colorado (where the Columbine and Theater shooting took place), I might lose faith in humanity.
  2. Miles101's Avatar
    Oh my god, some people can be morons.
    I recall that one year in elementary school there was apparently an armed bank robbery in the DC area and the school had a code red and we were forbidden from recess...and to keep us from freaking out the principal said there was "a high concentration of pollen" in the air. Because all children are stupid! -_- None of us believed it, hehe.

    Still, glad to hear no one was hurt.
  3. Niji's Avatar
    Oh my gosh! I'm glad you're okay! Sorry you and your family had to go through such a scare.