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Something funny I heard today

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by , 8th October 2012 at 11:22 PM (362 Views)
Here is a conversation between my little brother (he's 8 years old) and my mom:

My brother: Hey Mommy, do you want to know a really hard riddle I heard at school today?
My mom: Um, okay.
My brother: Listen carefully. What bird steals nests from other birds and lays eggs in them?
My mom: A cuckoo?
My brother: Here's a hint: It's associated with a kind of clock.

lol, he didn't even hear her answer and register that it was right, he was so focused on his hint.... I just started laughing, and then my mom was laughing, and my brother didn't even understand why we were laughing until we told him... :P [s]I have a weird brother[/s]

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  1. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
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    The strangest thing about me reading this is that I thought of another word that started with the letter "C" as the answer...just because of a few things which are too dirty to explain.
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  2. Kaori's Avatar
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    @Wishmaker Jirachi; I'm so glad that wasn't just me, I felt like a horrible person for thinking of that. :I

    Goodness, when you try so hard to remember one thing, other stuff always slips, I find. x3