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So mad right now.

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by , 1st March 2013 at 09:58 PM (248 Views)
Remember my last blog, the one about Anisha?

Well, here's the update on how it's going.

She got the transcripts and mailed everything in on time. She asked her teachers, they both accepted. One of them has the rec letter done already. The other has not.

Today's the last day to submit recommendations.

...I'm going to go call her. Will update if there's news.

EDIT: Deadline was 5pm. ...she was so close, too...

Stupid teachers.

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  1. Niji's Avatar
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    I hope the other teacher gets the letter it!! It's a disappointment when people let others down, or make them worry like that. *Fingers crossed for you guys.*

    EDIT: Seriously, don't let that teacher off easy! I would shout at them, if I were you, but at least make sure they know how much they let you both down D:< ! I'm so sorry. At least you both got good experience out of it. Other opportunities will come along.
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