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Random contemplations of today.

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by , 1st November 2012 at 07:25 PM (195 Views)
Okay, this was actually something that happened yesterday, but who cares. XD

I was just hanging out with my friends during lunch like I always do at school, and the subject of Pokemon was brought up. And one of my friends thought it would be an interesting idea to try and figure out which Pokemon best suits each of our personalities.
90% of my friends used to play Pokemon when they were younger, but stopped in middle school. None of them know I still play it. And, well, I couldn't stop thinking throughout that whole discussion, that even though it's been 6+ years since any of them have played a Pokemon game, they still remembered [I]everything[/I]. Types, names, everything. (Up until Gen IV, that is, since Gen V came out later.)
And it's not only that, but they also could remember the personalities of each Pokemon. Like my friend who suggested this whole thing said she really wanted to be Lucario, and we all laughed at her because she is such a bubbly, smiling, gentle person, totally the opposite of stereotypical Lucario. And soon this discussion morphed into asking everyone what their favorite Pokemon were, and more and more people started talking about it, and pretty much no one gave us weird looks, or thought we were crazy, or anything.
It makes me wonder, just why did they stop playing in the first place? (It's not like they don't spend hours watching TV every day, right? What's wrong with Pokemon?)

Oh, just BTW, they thought I was Umbreon. Figures. I'm more of an Espeon in my opinion, but whatever. XD

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    Probably because there is pressure to stop playing Pokemon and other games viewed as "childish" during Middle and High School. I think a lot of people experience that. As far as why they don't pick it up again, they probably don't want to seem weird because they play it, but really, it's just something they enjoy, and they shouldn't think anything of it; nor should anyone else. If they wanted to have fun, instead of watching TV for hours they should pick up a DS and BW2 :P
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