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NOTE: My computer has been really acting up. If any one of you got a mention about this before it actually posted, I'm sorry. I never actually posted this blog until now, so I have no clue what's going on. o_o
Mentions are not working for me either, and there are these strange lines going across this screen. I really don't know what's going on.

...I have to leave, you guys.

It's a long story...Basically, I had a lecture on internet safety and about my lack of social skills. And I had to promise to never go on BMGf ever again.

Why am I here, then? Well, I fell sick during school today and my dad brought me home, and...well, I felt I couldn't just [i]leave.[/i] I wanted to say bye to all of you...

Since I'll probably never have a Bulbaversary blog, I'm going to mention people here, too.


@<a href="" target="_blank">ZeXaLavenRayV</a>; Thank you so much, for everything that you've done for me. You taught me to always be optimistic, and to embrace life and its changes and never bring yourself down. I was a really pessimistic person before I met you. Now, I'm trying little by little to improve myself, and I'm not getting worried if the changes aren't happening as fast as I would like. You were also the main person who indirectly convinced me to watch Zexal, and in doing that you opened up an entire new world for me! :D I promise that even if I won't be on here anymore, I'll still be watching. :) Once again, thank you.

@<a href="" target="_blank">Zima</a>; One of the most complicated people I know. XD I used to think that I was an unusually reflective person...before I met you. :P I think you're very intelligent, as well as a deep thinker. I know sometimes your life is not a good one, but I also know that you have the strength and courage to keep on pushing. Like how Lavy convinced me to watch Zexal, you indirectly convinced me to watch Hetalia, and I'm hooked. :P Thank you for being an amazing friend, and Vodkattobingu!

To both of you: My mom saw our QT, and she forbade me from posting there, too. But I still want you guys to talk there! I should still be able to read it, I think.

@<a href="" target="_blank">Kululu</a>; Hey! I remember awkwardly asking you for a signature in your first art shop, and then using it for a ridiculously long time. XD Talking to you has been a lot of fun, and I like how you always check to see if I'm on, and you nearly always catch me invisible. :P I'll miss you!

@<a href="" target="_blank">Koukoubean</a>; You are the sole person that subconsciously influenced me to use the emoticon "XD" more. :P I used to [i]never[/i] use it at all before I started talking to you! And now I use it all the time! XD We don't talk much anymore, but we used to a were one of the more mature people I exchanged VMs with. ^^; Hope you're doing okay, and will continue to do so!

@<a href="" target="_blank">Sunburn</a>; Another person who I don't really talk to much anymore, but I remember having some fun conversations with you about surveying and trees. XD You're really interesting to talk to!

@<a href="" target="_blank">Elec-boy</a>; Hi! :) It's been really fun talking with you, too! Nice to know there's a fellow shy person like me out there. XD

@<a href="" target="_blank">Venom</a>; Keep that post count for as long as you can, okay? :)


[B]Last Poster Wins:[/B]

@<a href="" target="_blank">Momoka</a>; I remember the first time I ever posted in that thread, you liked all of my posts. XD I know it seems stupid now, but back then it meant a lot to me and encouraged me to keep posting there. Thank you for that. :)

@<a href="" target="_blank">Midorikawa</a>; You posted in my introduction thread in the Garden Grotto! I think you scared me a little back then, for reasons I can't quite remember now. ^^; Anyways, you were the one who told me what K was and persuaded me to watch it. I definitely don't regret doing that, and I can't wait for season 2! ...I think you also told me what Homestuck was! It was the day when there was that bet to see who would be post #50000 or something in LPW, and you told me that "homestuck is homestuck" and made me curious enough to Google it, and I started actually reading it recently! It's really addicting. ^^;

Other LPW people:
@<a href="" target="_blank">Tailgate</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Akuraito</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">The Miz</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Karis</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Booster Gold</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Terrell</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Caprizant</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Yata</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Fushimi</a>;
Keep on winning, you guys~! (Sorry if I left out anyone...)


[B]The War Room:[/B]

I have a strange history with this place. From the beginning, I was curious because it said "Home of the Bulbagarden Mafia" under the forum title, and I had no idea what it meant. ^^; I think I asked Sunburn about it and he explained it to me and told me to ask Soulmaster if I had any questions, but I was too nervous to go do that. Hence the stalking began...I think I stalked as a guest at first, then I learned of the glorious invisible mode! (And now I'm always invisible, pretty much. :P)

@<a href="" target="_blank">FrostyGaga</a>; You hosted both the first game I ever stalked (Advance Wars) and the first game I ever played (Super Smash Bros.) and both of them were amazing! :) Advance Wars totally hooked me on mafia games, and I remember going back through the archives and reading all of them... :P

@<a href="" target="_blank">HumanDawn</a>; As I said, the first game I ever stalked was Advance Wars, and well...let's just say you were one of the more entertaining players I had the pleasure of stalking. XD BW! and BW!2 were both hilarious games, and I'm really going to miss [s]laughing at you[/s] reading the funny things you say. ^^;

@<a href="" target="_blank">TairaNamikase</a>; My mason buddy in Smash Bros! You were a much more careful player than me... :P It was really fun to talk to you in that game, even if we don't talk much now!

@<a href="" target="_blank">The Jingster</a>; I still need to get you boiled in that lava, huh? >:D You made Smash Bros twice as fun, so thank you for that. :)

@<a href="" target="_blank">Master Mew</a>; You get a mention because you indirectly taught me how to use the [noparse] and [hr] tags. It was useful information! ^^;

I'm going to mention everyone I remember I played a mafia game with (so not many people, since I only played 3). Thanks for the fun, you guys! Maybe I can still start stalking as a guest again, even if I can't post!
@<a href="" target="_blank">Dark Blueberry</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Doctor jokool</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">FinalArcadia</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Soulmaster</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Buoy</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Neon Borealis</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">DrumBeats</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">GliscorMan</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Baron Dante</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Insanish Danish</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Mintaka</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Pokemaster97</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">stillboy</a>; @<a href="" target="_blank">Orion</a>;, I think that's all? Again, sorry if I left out anyone, I can't remember any more...


I'd also like to mention @<a href="" target="_blank">Joseph-B2</a>; for setting up JFF! I know I didn't post in there very much, and I've not been getting much time nowadays, but the group was a great idea and it's getting a lot of activity! :) Maybe I'll still be able to battle sometime, if I bookmark the link to the chat room. I'll try and see if I can do it.


...Well, I guess that's it. I've had a really fun time with everyone here the past 236 days (I think that's the number). Every single member on here helps make the forum what it is, which is a fun place to hang out with other people! I'm really going to miss it here. I'll never forget the experiences I had: the funny ones, the sad ones, the anxious ones, the exciting ones...everything that helped make BMGf so amazing for me.

Thank you so much, all of you!

Mods: Please ban my account. Thanks. :)

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  1. Midorikawa's Avatar
    I'm going too miss you lots ;_;

    I'm glad I got you addicted to two things at least before you left. Take care of yourself.
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    We didn't talk much, but I'll miss you ;_; Best Wishes!!
  3. Neon Borealis's Avatar
    Goodbye shadows, even though your stay here was short, you were here... and that's what matters.

    I'll also speak for Taira, she'll miss you too. You two made a very good team.
  4. Orion's Avatar
    So it goes. Goodbye Shadows!
  5. Gaga's Avatar
    Aww, it's a shame you have to go. I hope you'll be able to return sometime.

    Best of luck with, well, life
  6. Totally Not Booster Gold's Avatar
    Ah! It's a shame you had to go

    best of luck to with life.
  7. HumanDawn's Avatar
    I'm honestly both surprised and shocked here. I knew you had such problems, but I didn't think they were that serious. You actually got on well with everyone... and nobody disliked you. Sucks that a haven is being taken away from you.... that actually helps you. Makes no sense in my eyes. Thank you for mentioning me, and I'll really miss seeing you around.

    Good bye, then. I don't think that this it will be the last one, though. I have faith that you'll come back eventually, and I'll be here, waiting.
  8. Terrell's Avatar
    -Walk in with a black tuxedo and black shades-

    Dear shadows, i you will miss ya and always be a good friend. Haha will do shadows. i always win on that thread. i met you and most people from that thread, hmm i know your russian friends are down to see you go, but we will always remember you!.

    I hope for best of u goodluck with your life shadows. lol hopefully you comeback someday and chill with us.
  9. Kihote's Avatar
    Aw, shame we never got to play another mafia game together D:

    gonna miss you
  10. Blaze-Boy's Avatar
    ;_;......Bye Shadows..will miss you.
    Had lots of fun talking with you :D
  11. Koukoubean's Avatar
    I'm sorry we didn't get to talk much lately, I haven't been here in the forums and I just found these pretty appalling news. But anyway... it was an honor to get to know you. You are a very polite person for your age and it was nice to talk to you. I wish the best of luck to you with your dreams and if you can come back, we'll all be waiting for you.

    Farewell, Shad!
  12. Dylan_Cypher's Avatar
    I realize I'm days late and many dollars short but Shadows if you're out there as a guest looking back on the past. I hope you'll see this comment and all the others before it. These are the people who love pokemon and their fellow fans with a passion and fervor that cannot be broken. One day you will be in a position to make your own decisions about what you can and cannot do and I hope that when that day comes you'll consider coming back to us. After all Old or Young, everyone needs friends and interests in order to grow. Always keep in mind that whether old friends stand at the gates to welcome you back or new friends greet you as though it is your first time, homecomings should be a part of all of our journeys. Sorry I couldn't comment sooner and I'm sorry to see you go even though I didn't really know you. I have a feeling that anyone as well-loved would have made for an awesome friend.
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