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It's raining outside.

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I could barely sleep all night, because the rain made this annoying clattering sound when it hit the table in our backyard. Couple that with the sounds from the highway (that are amplified because of the water) and you get this loud constant racket.

Now it's time to go to school, and I'm dressed in all my waterproof clothing. I hope I don't get too wet, especially during our lunch break - we can't go inside during lunch, so we have to find shelter under the roofs that jut out over the buildings.
So now I am very gloomy. Apparently, it's supposed to rain all of this weekend too...

[s][insert optimistic rambling about how rain is good for the trees, and about how it hasn't rained like this in a while, here][/s]

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    Aww :< I hope it lightens up soon, but it sounds like a deluge. I can't believe they don't let you eat lunch inside, that's weird :/