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I am a bad kid: The Sequel

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You guessed it...I'm home again. The library was closed today, and it was raining outside. I didn't really feel like standing around in the rain for 95 minutes. So I walked home, just like before.

Only thing is...my mom was home today. :P I wasn't expecting her to be home, but apparently she didn't have to meet anyone at work today so she was working from home (she's a physicist, so no boss or anything) and she had to leave in the afternoon for a talk at 3pm. She was on her computer, and got really freaked out that I was home, I got a lecture (thank goodness I didn't actually have a class) about legal stuff and how the school is responsible for me. And I spent the past 2 hours or so studying for my physics test tomorrow, since she wanted me to do actual work. :P

Oh well, at least I'm not in the rain. ^^; I'm going to head back to school soon, since lunch started already.

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    Just claim extenuating circumstances :P the school may be responsible for you, but if you can quickly get home from there by walking I don't see the problem with trying to avoid standing in the rain for over an hour.
  2. Niji's Avatar
    Dang, I wanna be bad like you!