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BMGf, I need your assistance!

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First, the backstory. It's kinda long. I guess you don't have to read it, but it'll help you understand my situation a little better.

[spoiler]So here's a conversation I had with my mom today (this is how she found out I had a BMGf account):

Me: *browsing Bulba on phone*
Mom: *sneaks up from behind* What is this Bulbagarden Forums thing that you're looking at?
Me:'s...a website...
Mom: Yes, but what [i]is[/i] it? What do you do on it that eats up so much of your time?
Me: It's... a Pokémon website.
Mom: A Pokémon [i]website?[/i] And what do you do on it?
Me: Well, you can talk to people. About Pokémon. And other stuff, too.
Mom: I don't understand this. So you talk to people about how many Pokémon games you've played?
Me: ...Well, no.
Mom: What, then? Can you give an example?
Me: *racks brain* Well, there are 2 new Pokémon games coming out in October. So if you wanted, you could check the news, and discuss it with people. Like, they revealed a new Pokémon a few days ago without revealing its type. So everyone's wondering what type it is, and they're sharing and debating ideas.
Mom: So you go and discuss new Pokémon with strangers? That sounds like it would get boring fast.
Me: Well, there are other sections too. Like you can talk about the TV shows. But most of the time I talk about random stuff.
Mom: So you talk about your life with complete strangers?!
Me: No! Nothing personal, like where I live or my name or something. Just random things. I don't even post very often.
Mom: .....
Me: (thinking: why can't I properly explain a forum I've been on for half a year?)
Mom: Sure, but that still sounds boring. I'm sure if you stopped it for a bit, you'd find it hard to get back on. Maybe I'm not understanding this well enough, but I don't see how being so involved with Pokémon is fun. Obsessions like that are unhealthy.
Me: ...But hasn't my brother been on a Star Wars craze for the past month? The only thing he does is watch Star Wars. And you're okay with that obsession?
Mom: That obsession is stimulating. Plus, he's only going to do it short term. He'll stop soon. Like how he stopped playing Pokémon. *heavily implying that he grew out of it, but I still didn't*
Me: .....
Mom: I don't see how talking to a bunch of strangers online is interesting or fun. You're not even learning anything.[/spoiler]

This, Bulba, is why I need your help. I need reasons, solid reasons for why BMGf is fun and interesting. And maybe even stimulating.
I [i]know[/i] I'm going to get another lecture like this in a couple of days, and I want to be prepared this time.


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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I find it fun because talking to other people about things you like is fun. Speculation is fun. We dont know much about the new games, so sharing ideas about what Pokemon will be included, attacks, characters,etc is also fun.
  2. Emrye's Avatar
    You can find people with the same mindset and it helps improve relations or whatever. :>
  3. Baf's Avatar
    I just like hitting on tha gurls
  4. Niji's Avatar
    Oh, I'm sorry :( . Obsessions can be very healthy. My obsession with ZeXal improved my life greatly.

    Well, the main reason I go on it so much is that I have great friends like you on here who I really enjoy talking with ^-^ . There are some really interesting people on here. I've also learned a lot, and gotten support here. You could mention that there are sections for discussing morals and world events. There are clubs for discussing other common interests, too. It's also a chance to learn about others, discover new things (like ZeXal :p ), enjoy friendly conversation, and have fun joking around with others (Russia style XD ). I hope this helps!!
    Updated 17th February 2013 at 10:04 PM by Niji
  5. Durbe's Avatar
    You not only learn about others but also yourself in the process plus there's a section for everything.
  6. Dylan_Cypher's Avatar
    Pokemon is your interest and Bulbagarden is a concentrated group of people who share that interest. Discussing things you enjoy with other people reaffirms self worth and gives you access to avenues of thought you've never followed before. However, as you pointed out before, Pokemon is not the only thing discussed here. Many of the members discuss global, political, social, and religious topics. While these topics are highly controversial, it is this controversy that opens your mind to others' opinions and allows you to refine your own. Finally it is much better to be able to converse with a supportive group of like-minded friends than with some one who simply wishes you to "grow out of it for your own good".

    Honestly I wouldn't include that last bit xD a bit of my frustration bled trhough.
  7. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Bulbagarden is a great place with great users. If you are fairly shy it helps people open up, speaking from personal experience here. And pretty much what they^ said. Except for fab.
  8. SquishyFace's Avatar
    I find it fun because I'm the only one in my family and group of friends who knows about it and uses it. It's nice to get away from real life for a bit and do something Pokemon related.
  9. Helioptile's Avatar
    Happens to me FAR too often. There are two real solutions:
    1. Wait out the storm.
    2. RUN AWAY (oh, wait, you live in Russia. That complicates things...)
  10. Helioptile's Avatar
    Happens to me FAR too often. There are two real solutions:
    1. Wait out the storm.
    2. RUN AWAY (oh, wait, you live in Russia. That complicates things...)
  11. DerMißingno's Avatar
    Who cares, you don't have to prove anything to her. If you enjoy it you enjoy it.
  12. Lugion's Avatar
    You can learn so much by chatting with people from other countries, or even just down the road. If you let any one thing control your life, of course its unhealthy, but I highly doubt you're spending more time on Bulbagarden than you are in school/at work, or pursuing your hobbies. Right?

    Besides, sometimes it's just easier for some people to make friends over the Internet, where you're more likely to find people who can and want to understand you.
  13. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    The world of Pokemon is intricate and vast, filled with design and detail that opens up the imagination. Just ask all the people that wrote fanfiction, drew fakemon, made their own regions, or spammed the idea threads until they spanned hundreds of pages.