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  1. Normal-type Reviews: Specialists 2

    We continue on with the Normal-type specialists, and both of them happen to be introduced in Generation 5, although they are featured in different games. Essentially, the first Black and White features Lenora while the second Black and White features Cheren as the Gym Leader, though both characters are found in both pairs of games.

    If you are interested to find out more about the current ...
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  2. This news made me sad...

    You might have heard about the Hajj stampede over in Mecca, which has caused over 1,000 deaths. It's the second event that's happened in Mecca in two weeks.

    I feel terrible about what happened, I feel bad for the people who died and their families as well. Mecca tends to get overcrowded during the Hajj. I know because my family went there when I was 13. I remember that every year, there's at least two million people crowded throughout Mecca, since every Muslim is required to go to ...
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  3. September was horrible this year!

    My mother and i got into a great deal of conflict during September of 2015 and all of it spawned by my issue with over washing my hands. I can still hear the horrible words she said to me in my head and how she said so with little to no remorse. September was the month i was planning to use to get into my Birthday mood in time for my actual Birthday (which is in the second week of October by the way, so you see why i couldn't wait too long) and all the trouble that happened this month just ruined ...