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  1. Normal-type Reviews: Girafarig

    We're back for the Normal-type reviews, and today we're going to focus on Girafarig, who has heads on both ends of its body! If you are ready with this one, please proceed.

    Reviews , Normal Entries
  2. One-Winged Weakling

    I don't enjoy dying to the same foe over and over. I like a fight that's challenging enough that I could lose if I don't think fast or make smart decisions. When it's like that, when I lose, I'll laugh it off and try again without too much frustration. Now, while I don't like bosses that are waaay too difficult to beat, I also really don't like ones that are underwhelmingly easy. I suppose weakling bosses can be justified if it was intentional, but when this is something like an endgame showdown ...
  3. My 777th post! :P

    I posted my 777th post today and it got me thinking... I wonder if they'll do anything special for the future Pokémon, #777 in the National Pokédex?

    I know many people were thinking if they'd do something with the 666th Pokémon and thus we got Vivillon to fill that number this generation.

    While many perhaps think they didn't do anything special for the number I like to think that they did...


    The initial number of patterns Vivillon ...

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  4. All the way to London

    All the people in my surrounding saying how good is the country of United Kingdom, how good it is in London, how much better it is compare to their countries, how good is this and how good is that. Now there gave me a chance to travel to the almighty United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the period of 1 month.

    However, my first impression about this country is............ DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

    Yes, I said it. Disappointment. There are so many things worse ...
  5. Brave Exkaiser BGM List Part 2 (I can't believe I did it)

    The second half.

    25. The Lost at Sea Virus
    Today Kouta is full of life 1
    Biology Lecture (Unreleased)
    The Geisters Appeared! 1
    Peaceful Morning 2
    "To You in the Future" Piano Solo version
    Behind the Scenes of the Geisters 1
    The Geisters Appeared! 3
    Storm! Max Team_Sky Max
    Bridge Collection 3
    Fierce Leader Dino Geist 1
    Bridge Collection 4
    Leaving Far Away from Hometown 3
    Tension (Unreleased) ...

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