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    O hai.

    Yesterday, Tom came over. He brought the DVD for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (actually, it belongs to his brother Sam, but Tom was able to borrow it). Tom popped it in the DVD player and soon we were watching MMPR. Ashley came over too since he wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Tom, Ashley, and I laughed uncontrollably at the cheesy and hilariously over-the-top acting. After watching one episode, we started to do impressions of the characters. I did impressions ...
    Ramblings , Reviews , Humour
  2. Shine's Top Tens Video Games!

    I though since I did a serious blog this morning,I'd go back into my cheery/crazy self and give you guys a top ten!My first one,in fact!And I decided to do one that MANY have done before:Favourite video games!This is going to be hard.

    10:Pokemon Leafgreen
    Let's start out with a classic,hm?My older brother and I used to be really close,and he'd let me play his video games.My favourite out of all of them was Leafgreen.It's what got me into the series.I wasn't around when there ...
    Shine's Top Tens!
  3. Tune for Tuesday for Week of 11/11/2014: "The Galaxy Express 999" by Godiego

    Sorry for not posting a Tune for Tuesday last week, but sometimes things just don't go as planned. Either way, hope you all enjoy this catchy, upbeat theme for a classic and influential movie, "The Galaxy Express 999" by Godiego!

    Last week, I had the opportunity to do something I love but rarely get to partake in: find somewhere high up where I could lie on my back, gaze at the night sky, and be greeted by the sight of ...
    Tune for Tuesday
  4. Is Pokemon evloution actually "regeneration"?

    So I guess ill post something I been thinking for a while now and it comes from the fact I think I been watching Doctor Who so much(its a very cheesey show but really awsome at the same time). When a Pokemon evolves, they change their aperience and also their strength kind of goes up a bit. But also what changes is their personality. I guess you could say that dont change if you were going based on the video games but...

    What if Pokemon evolution is just a simply form of regeneration, ...
  5. Schedule is backwards, officially

    Screw everything.

    That is all.
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