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  1. Are the bloomers Clemont's real underwear or he just took them?

    I totally agree with the tank top.... But bloomers?

    Really are those his? Or are they Allie's? Like did he just take them randomly to hide his real underwear?

    I wonder... then I'm curious to see his real underwear.

    So they're either his underwear or he just took them.

    I hope he's wearing actual underwear (no diapers please!)

    What do you think? Are they ...
    Pokemon Anime
  2. Where are Cilan parents?

    We saw: Ash's mom (Delia), Brock's parents (Lola and Flint), May's parents (Norman and Caroline), Dawn's mom (Joanna), Jessie's foster and real mom (Miyamoto and some unnamed woman), James' parents (an unnamed man and woman). We never saw Misty parents or one of them. It makes since for Iris' parents not to appear because Misty's didn't. But where are Cilan's parents? They didn't show up to say "hello" or give the brothers something to eat then leave or nothing. The only people he confrounted ...

    Updated 4th November 2012 at 08:58 PM by Grabbergirl