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  1. We finally got a replacement for Bob!

    My little sis named this spazzy hamster Nyx, after a Greek goddess of Chaos. I just saw her for the first time, and we need to let her settle in so she can calm down a little, before I play with her. My mom said Nyx smells like salad dressing of some sort. LOL.
  2. RIP Bob the hamster (2007? - March 2010)

    I found him dead this morning in his favorite spot, in a weird position. Now I am sadder than ever before. I have dreaded this for a while. He was a good little furball.

    May he rest in peace. :(

    SO, my mom was supposed to pick me up at my dad's house, and she decided to stay home and be all like "Fuck that shit!", and my parents made an agreement: Dad picked me up from school, and my mom should've been here 45 minutes before I made this entry! I feel the need to kill myself because this happens EVERY SINGLE FUCKING YEAR!

    I also could make my mom wish she had an abortion when I was in the womb!

    My parents have such thick skulls!
  4. Top 10 major reasons why I am Communist (in no specific order)

    10. Capitalism = FAIL
    9. I am a rebellious guy
    8. I hate being treated like dirt by most people
    7. I am fucking sick and tired of everyone else's bullshit
    6.I have been suffering pretty much constantly for my entire life
    5. My past is infuriating
    4. Stalin is my freakin' idol
    3. I read the works of Karl Marx
    2. Life is a big fat bitch
    1. I want payback for al lthe crap the world has put me through

    Any questions ...
  5. R.I.P. YTMND.com

    It turns out my fave site is closing on August 1st.

    It was truly a great site for internet memes.

    You're the man now dog! :(
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