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Zaki's Mishaps: Faking My Heritage

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I haven't told you this before. You might find it weird, or bothersome.

When I first moved to Newcastle, I faked my heritage. I'm not kidding - I pretended that I wasn't Lebanese. It was back in 2008. I had known what the people in Sydney think of the Lebanese, and I thought that people in my new hometown were going to hate me.

These two guys noticed me at lunch speaking to myself. I was speaking Arabic somewhat loudly while writing in my journal. (I used to speak to myself a lot. Still do sometimes.) Then, the guys walked up to me. They greeted me and asked what was I speaking. I was nervous about telling them it was Arabic, so I decided to say that it was Greek. They asked me my name, and I told them my name was Kontantinos Z_____. I had pulled the name out of a phonebook. The guys thought it was cool. I began to talk about all this Greek stuff, some of which I didn't really know about.

Then came gym class. We were doing our exercises. While those two same guys saw me, the gym teacher called out my real name. The boys asked me who Zaki is. I told them that was me, and then I told them I was Lebanese. One guy asked why would I lie about my heritage. I told them it was because I thought they wouldn't like me. They were cool about it afterwards.

Luckily, only a few kids really knew about it, and most of them don't even remember it. But my mum and dad found out about it, and I got punished.

I still think that was really stupid of me. I know I'll never lie about my heritage again.

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  1. Baby Seals's Avatar
    You should never lie about your heritage. It's not a nice thing to do.

    In that case, you're just like Native American "squaw" Elizabeth Warren, aka Fibbing Cow.


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