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YES! YES!!!!

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by , 26th November 2013 at 08:56 PM (1324 Views)
I have good news for all of you.

My school days are finally OVER! I graduated from high school. Now I can think of the positives:

1. No school!
2. No annoying teachers! (I'm not sure if I'm going to college or not.)
3. No tests!
4. No homework!
5. No school uniforms! (Gabby and I already threw ours in the skip.)
6. No detention or suspension! (I've gotten too many of both.)
7. No grades!
8. No school bus! (Sometimes I walked to school, though it's a fairly long walk.)
9. No gym class!
10. No more Kieran or any of the other bullies!

(Kieran was my bully and the biggest asshole I ever met. And even better - he's planning on going to college in England. He might stay in England forever if he likes it enough, so GOOD RIDDANCE!)

I'm very happy about it. Also, summer's going to start in a month where I live. In about a week one of my friends is hosting a pool party at his house. Frank is probably going to get his ankle brace removed late next week.

I don't know about my future. As for my friends...Gabby is going to college, but she's going to live at home. Frank might go to a trade school - he wants to be a carpenter. Ashley is still uncertain - he's thinking of working at the theatre where his mum works at.

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Good News


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    If you want a future join your local Armed Services... you know what get an education instead.


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