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Why I've Been Stressed

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I admit, I have been stressed out lately. You probably noticed from my rants in my blog.

There was a big fuss over my grandfather's oldest sister, Alia, who had been suffering from dementia. She passed away three days ago at the age of 89. She lived back in Lebanon with her youngest daughter.

The big problem lies with her oldest grandchild: my second cousin Irfan. Irfan recently turned 40, but damn, he doesn't act like it! He's quite rapacious - he was looking to get money from my aunt. Sure he does work, but he's very greedy and always takes opportunities that he gets and uses them to his advantage. Irfan's father (Aunt Alia's son) died of lung cancer two years ago.

I was visiting Irfan in Sydney yesterday, which is where I learned of my aunt's death. Needless to say, me and Irfan don't get along. His wife isn't as bad, though she is rather bitchy. Irfan has two kids: a 10-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter. At least Irfan treats his wife well, unlike that man my mother's sister married. He gets into heated arguments with everyone.

Here's the problem: Irfan has his eyes set on my great-aunt's money. He's trying to get a larger share of money from her, since he was not satisfied with the amount that she left him. He said that he deserved more money than his siblings and cousins. Personally, I think he should be lucky that he got anything. Irfan also started saying bad things about his grandmother when he didn't get some of the belongings that he wanted. She had sold many of hers to charity, but in her defence, she wasn't even aware that Irfan wanted stuff from her.

Then came another problem: Irfan's son Bilal. Bilal is one of the biggest spoiled brats I can think of. He is so rude to adults. He also throws tantrums quite often. When we were playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I bought it with me; I'd rather play that than his M-rated games), Bilal threw his controller at me after I beat him three times. He even called me a bastard. But what's worse is that Bilal shrugged off his great-grandmother's death and doesn't even seem to care that she died. It's so unfortunate that we have kids like this.

I swear, I can't believe I'm related to such people. But I was glad I just told you what was really bothering me. I'll try to make my next blog post more positive.

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  1. Emrye's Avatar
    Sorry bro, this sounds bad. :c
  2. zakisrage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MidnightSunset
    Sorry bro, this sounds bad. :c
    I know. It was bothering me so much I couldn't wait to get it off my chest.


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