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Why I Hate Family Guy

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I HATE Family Guy. I really do. Ever since I knew about it I've hated it. People don't get why I hate it, but I do. Maybe I'm biased because I'm more of a Simpsons person, and the Simpsons has a lot of stuff Family Guy is guilty of (stereotypes included), but I just found it funnier.

1. The characters are all stereotypes, and obnoxious ones at that! It plays straight more stereotypes than you'd think. Let's take a look:
- The bumbling dad, Peter himself. And he's outright obnoxius, unlike Homer Simpson.
- The rich WASP who hates everyone who isn't a WASP, Carter. That's just as cliche as one can get. Granted, it's New England, where WASPs are one of the resident species. Plus he's got a fake British accent. And his family used to own slaves - which is a trait of every rich Anglo-American family on TV, even ones in the Northern US. I'm glad they didn't make his wife a bitch. In fact, Babs is one of the few characters that I don't find annoying.
- The jerkass cripple, Joe.
- The old pervert, Herbert. And he's in the Cleveland Show (ruins two shows, eh), which is a little better than Family Guy, but that's not saying much.
- The alpha bitch, Connie. I hate that she has an Italian last name - they finally have a blonde Italian on TV and she's a nasty bitch! This is coming from someone whose best friend is Italian and blond. At least it's an inaccurate last name - IRL the last name is D'Amico, not DiMico as she spells it.
- The Mexican maid, Consuela. I think I hate her the most after Brian. She's like a stereotype right out of the 1930s. Why do maids on TV always have to be minority women? Frank, my aformentioned friend, had two great-grandmothers who were maids - both were Italians with fair skin. One even worked for the same type of people as Carter (according to Frank). At least she isn't his maid. But here's the problem: she barely even knows the rest of the cast. Then what is her purpose?
- And biggest of all, Brian, the show's resident Richard Dawkins, who I'll get into later.

2. The racial/religious/ethnic jokes are borderline racist. Every Muslim joke relates to terrorism. Believe me, Muslims are not amused by terrorist jokes. I'm not. And there's others too: all the Italians hate blacks, all the nuns are obsessed with beating people, and all the Jews are butt-ugly. Granted, I'm not the most PC person in the world - I am a bit prejudiced myself; after all, I laugh my head off at ghetto jokes and sometimes I make the occasional gay joke. But the jokes on Family Guy are ones you hear pretty much every day if you're American. And let's not go into the show laughing at people with AIDS or terminal illnesses.

3. Peter's long fights with the guy in the chicken suit. It would be funny if it were one episode, but come on, they do it in almost every other episode! I want actual plot!

4. Speaking of which, it's just not funny. I mean, VERY not funny. The jokes are bland. I only found four moments hilarious: the Jolly Farm Revenue fakes, the female boxer milking Peter, Meg pretending to be a "super huge MEGA" lesbian, and the Disney sequence where everyone was anti-Semitic (that scene I actually LOVE, oddly enough). Most shows I find too many to count funny! There are a few moments I did laugh a little, but overall I'm not impressed.

5. They really do take a lot of jokes from The Simpsons. REALLY.

6. It's overexposed.

7. It reflects the creator's biases. Admittedly, the majority of works of fiction geared towards adults (and some geared towards kids as well) do this. But Family Guy does it in a bad way. Here, "conservative" is a synonym for "stuck-up asshole who we can make fun of".

8. Brian, the resident Mary Sue of the show. He's such an obnoxious author avatar. I mean, I don't care if he's an atheist. But he just rants constantly about his left-wing beliefs, often forcing them upon other people.

(Don't worry. I'll allow comments on my next blog post.)

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