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Update on My Former Uncle

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So, I'm back from all that time off. I have a really weird story to tell you.

Last week, my cousin Haifa told me something that was really unsettling about her father. It was about his new girlfriend.

Before I tell you who she is, I'll give you some background. My mother's sister was married to her husband, Hussein, for 25 years. They got a divorce a year and a half ago. In a way, I'm glad I don't have to see him. I've had more arguments with my uncle than I can count. And he's not exactly progressive in his attitude towards women. Thank heaven he's not a blood relative of mine.

Ny ex-uncle told his daughter two weeks ago that he has a new girlfriend. This doesn't seem too bad. Yet here's the stinger - she's 21 years old. That's right, 21. 37 years younger than Uncle Hussein. And only four years older than I am! Supposedly the girl's father approves, because he's a friend of her family. Uncle Hussein wants to marry her eventually. And maybe she'll give him the son that he always wanted. He did express that he wants more children.

Honestly, I think this is totally appropriate for him. No woman who is his age would want to be with him. I couldn't stop laughing, though. It just seems so fitting that a man like him would date a woman who is four younger than his daughter. And Haifa herself is getting married on Christmas. (It might seem sweet, but we don't celebrate Christmas because we're Muslim.)

When this came about to my maternal grandmother, she said that she wasn't suprised. She never liked my aunt's husband - for a good reason. But maybe I should be supportive. I was supportive of my sister when she married back in September. Then again, my sister is a sympathetic person. Uncle Hussein isn't.

I don't get the whole idea of May-December romances. It's so weird. (Yes, it's in our religion's history, but that was a long time ago. Now it just seems odd.)

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