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Top 5 WalrusGuy Videos!

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You probably know WalrusGuy, the creator of many Youtube Poops. I am going to choose his five best videos. This is just my opinion. It was hard to choose the best ones since there are so many good ones.

5. Rapunzel 2008

This video, based on an old anime about Grimm's Fairy Tales, is quite funny. It starts off by saying "in the middle of a deep forest, lived a b*tch named Rapunzel." Then the narrator goes on to say that Rapunzel was making exquisite music (which turns out to be the famous ear rape Chacarron Macarron). The prince who climbs the tower introduces himself as John Daker. The best part is when they show the outside of the tower at night, and the audio is of Rapunzel screaming, which, in the actual show, happens when the witch chops off her hair. She proceeds to have a baby and the prince gets thrown out of the tower. I like this one because the sentence mixing is very fluid. In fact, you'd swear it was in the actual cartoon! The colors are kind of dull (I guess it was a recording from an older TV), but the actual cartoon is available from PVP Studios' Youtube channel, and it's of a higher quality.) I also like how he used an obscure source. Actually, WalrusGuy used obscure sources just as often as well-known ones, which is pretty impressive.

If you want to find the actual show, most episodes are available on Youtube and/or Dailymotion. The anime is called Grimm's Fairytale Classics. It was produced by a company called Nippon Animation and was dubbed in English by Saban Entertainment. It's actually a pretty good show - it has lesser-known tales by the Brothers Grimm as well as usual fare like Cinderella and Snow White.

4. Gene Deitch's The Land Before Time

This is taken from the infamous Dingo Pictures. The movie is Dinosaur Adventure. There's the announcement at the beginning "Welcome to 3D Dinosaur Adventure. Get ready. Put your...3D Glasses On". It shows these dinosaurs walking around and seeing this dinosaur couple wait for their baby to hatch. The father dinosaur asks one of them "What the hell are you supposed to be?" The pterodactyl says "That's not important right now." The dad dino says "What the hell is this little thing supposed to be? It doesn't look like anything!" (The dinosaur he's referring to is flat-out hideous. Then again, several of the dinosaurs have dog noses.) The baby who comes out says "oh damn, I can fly" and tries flying off a cliff. But then he falls down and dies. His mom screams in agony, and the baby's guts are everywhere. The pterodactyl has the lame line of "mammoth mayhem". It's just so funny I can't stop laughing.

If you want to know more about Dingo Pictures, I'll tell you. They are this absolutely horrible German animation company. There's only like six people working for it, the voices all sound the same, and the animation is flat-out ugly. Plus 90 percent of their work is plagiarised from well-known animated movies (usually Disney). The other 10 percent is ugly nonsensical cartoons of equally low quality. There are other low-budget companies with imitation Disney movies, but none are this bad. In various European countries (including the UK), they have published their videos on the various PlayStation systems. Why? I don't know. The publisher is Phoenix Games, which also has other titles from other awful low-budget companies. The artwork on the boxes are blatant lies. Why make something for the PlayStation when you can't actually play it? I don't know...

3. Link Gets a Job at Gwonam's Restaurant So He Can Earn Enough Money to Buy a Playstation 3

This one's a classic. It's about Link getting a PS3 (or not). He works at Squadallah Burger (where they only serve burgers). But the problem is that no one seems to want burgers. They want pizza, or potato chips, or spaghetti, or nothing at all. It has hilarious sentence mixing. The sentences sound like they could actually be in the crappy CD-i games. It's definitely very funny. And Gwonam keeps saying "there is no..." of various things, like pizza, potato chips, and even money. As a result, Link cannot get the PS3 since he did not sell a single burger. And the King and Zelda think it's funny!

2. Dr. Rabbit is Racist

This is a pretty good one. Based on that so-bad-it's-good Dr. Rabbit video from Colgate, it shows clever mixing with the sentences. It comes in handy that "plaque" not only sounds like "black" when Dr. Rabbit says it, but he says it in such a corny voice. It's so funny seeing Dr. Rabbit go all the way to Africa just to tell Tandi that "you're a negro". (What's better is that the sound effect after the second syllable makes it look so dramatic.) Then there's the part with the Great Wall of China being dental floss, as well as the panda in the background pooping. And of course, when Dr. Rabbit and his friends run away because "black people are coming", they go to Australia on some type of cart. It's funny because you can't drive from China to Australia. Then again, the actual Colgate video has a lot of geographical mishaps. It would take forever to travel from Spain to Africa by bicycle, and you'd probably have to pass desert as well. In the actual video, they take a kangaroo from Australia to the United States. I've seen plenty of real kangaroos (after all, I live in Australia), and they cannot fit people in their pouches. Not to mention that you can't visit all those continents in such a short time.

1. Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit

This is it. This is the one that spawned the whole Arthur-punches-D.W. meme. It is flat-out hilarious, with Arthur having a penis which "sounds pretty hard" and "is kind of sideways at the end of the day". The anime-style punch, complete with blood, is comedy gold. At the end, when Arthur finds Binky's huge penis on the ground, Binky punches and kills Arthur. The jokes are very clever and the added effects are put in the video very well. It's even funny how they mix audio from a number of Arthur episodes.

This was based on an actual episode of Arthur. It was an episode of Arthur's fourth season. It was about D.W. constantly annoying Arthur while he worked on a model plane (like many little kids, she didn't realise it was not for playing with). He hits D.W. when she breaks it. When Binky overhears it, he is dared to hit Arthur, and he does - Arthur learned what it felt like to be punched, especially by someone who's bigger. Ironically, it actually reminded me of something I did in real life. When I was six or seven, I played with a cousin's model Tyrannosaurus and broke it. I remember he was quite angry. At least he didn't hit me. I did apologise for breaking it. I always found building models to be dumb - I'd rather be creative with something I'd put on display. No offence for anyone who likes that kind of thing!

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