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Sharing a Bed

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by , 1st November 2013 at 09:36 PM (1744 Views)
Last night, I went to Ashley's house for a sleepover.

Ashley and I had a lot of fun. We played with our plushies - we even pretended to feed them from bottles. (We found some belonging to Ashley's nephew.) We also played Pokemon Y and did a little trading. Then we played with Ashley's miniature pool table. We played twice - he beat me both times. We got dinner from Ashley's paternal grandmother (who was visiting but didn't spend the night), who made us pasta. And for dessert we had Oreos.

At 9:30 PM, we went to bed. Ashley's bed is bigger than mine, so we decided to share it. It felt kind of strange for Ashley, who was not used to it. I slept with my Hilbert plushie, and Ashley slept with Nate and Yatterman-1. Both of us slept in our boxers. I let Ashley sleep closer to the wall.

Ashley fell asleep first. I could tell since I heard him snoring. He rolled over and put his arm around my neck. It made me laugh a little. I thought it was kind of funny being hugged by a sleeping person. It kind of made me feel tired. It was actually pretty easy to sleep with him.

I've shared beds with other guys before. My brother and I used to share a bed when we were living in Lakemba. And I've done it at a few sleepovers. My parents are fine with it - my brother does it too with his friends. There's nothing gay about it. I'm not allowed to share a bed with girls - I'm not even allowed to have girls spend the night at my house (though my female friends are always welcome to visit my house as long as they leave before bedtime).

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