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I am finally able to use the computer again after being in pain for all that time!

The procedure with my wisdom teeth went fine. It didn't take too long, and my dad and older brother were there (my mum had an appointment that she couldn't miss). I felt so confused when I woke up in a different room than the one that I had been put to sleep in. When I woke up, I felt kind of dizzy. Dad put his hand through my bangs - I've grown my hair out since last year. He told me that I should get back to bed once I got home. I asked my brother where I was, and he told me. I told him that I felt dizzy, My brother had his wisdom teeth removed four years ago, though he recovered a lot quicker than me.

I was shivering a lot in the car. It's wintertime here, and it's kind of cold this year. I felt like it was below freezing. My brother told me to put on a sweater. When I got home I put on a striped sweater that I had in my closet. I was still feeling dizzy, so I went to bed. I had soup for dinner. I've been having it every night since - a different soup each time. I am getting a little tired of soup. But I also got ice cream for dessert every night! I was still feeling dizzy for the next two days, so I spent most of that time in bed.

There was quite a bit of blood, but now it's mostly gone. And by Thursday I'll be able to eat solid foods again. But at least the whole thing is over.

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