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No Waltz with Bashir

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Yesterday, one of my relatives by marriage got arrested. It was my cousin Rana's husband Bashir. (This cousin is my dad's sister's oldest daughter. She's 30. Her husband is in trouble.)

Rana and her husband were getting a visit from my dad's younger brother Munir. My cousin was expecting a nice quiet visit from her uncle. Uncle Munir was going alone while his wife was visiting their daughter and granddaughter. Bashir and Uncle Munir had a discussion about politics. But things got out of control when Bashir started getting really uptight about some economy crap. My uncle was trying to calm him down, but it didn't work. Bashir picked up a glass and threw it at my uncle. Then both of them got into a loud argument, which resulted in Bashir slapping Uncle Munir. He left my uncle, who was bleeding and crying, while Rana called the police.

My cousin's sons - a 4-year-old and an 18-month-old - were at home at the time, and they were quite scared. The noise made them wake up from their nap. Both of them were crying. My uncle actually went in to see if his grandnephews were okay after the police came and arrested Bashir.

How did I find out? My uncle told my dad about it. He wants to make up with Bashir. My uncle hopes that we can bail him out. When my cousin visited her husband at the police station, she saw that he was remorseful. He admits what he did was wrong and realises that he shouldn't have done it.

I was genuinely surprised with Bashir. He did do friendly teasing with my uncle, mostly because my uncle has red hair and Bashir loves a good ginger joke. But he's never been this mean to him. The two have gotten into a number of arguments before, though. Mostly, I side with my uncle, since he's kind of emotional. The few times I sided with Bashir were because my uncle getting really emotional. But Bashir is the one who should watch his discussions with politics, since he's the one who's passionate about them. I knew it would get him into trouble someday.

Being arrested seems to be awful. I hope I never get arrested. Has anyone in your family or circle of friends ever been arrested? How did it make you feel?

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