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Now that my first year is coming up, I was thinking of the funniest quote that I came up with.

I'm thinking of the one I wrote in the Pokemon high school AU. You know, the one where I wrote how I imagined a Pokemon high school AU to be. I think I was watching too much Degrassi (or maybe Glee - don't worry, both shows are dopey to me) when I wrote that post down. I still crack myself up reading how I said that Marshal would be depicted as a gangsta. I get this picture of Marshal looking like he walked off of The Boondocks. Now I even get an image of Caitlin being Marshal's girlfriend, kind of like Mr. Dubois having a white wife on the aformentioned show. I also laughed when I mentioned Dome Ace Tucker. I thought they'd make him into an exaggerated gay stereotype. He'd run down the halls in girlish pigtails, lipstick, a pink cashmere scarf, and big earrings, saying "fabulous" all the while. (Of course, the high school AU would be cancelled because of a depiction like that.) It was odd when I mentioned Steven Stone getting a guy posse like Draco Malfoy. There aren't any guys in Pokemon who are like Crabbe and Goyle (okay, maybe the Grunts in the various villainous teams, but Steven would not hang out with Grunts, plus they're mostly normal-sized). But what was funny was when I said that Agatha could be the principal. I can imagine her being a principal very well. She'd be the kind that would scare the kids. Good for comedy, amirite?

What do you think was the funniest comment you ever posted on here?

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