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I have wondeful news for you all!

Jamila (my sister) is getting married soon! She and her fiance Hakim announced their engagement in May. The wedding will take place September 8.

She's already got an idea for a wedding dress. It's going to look something like this: http://bigatoll.com/Islamic_wedding_dress/islamic_wedding_dress_1.jpg

Even though Jamila doesn't normally wear a headscarf, she wants one like that since she thinks many of them are pretty.

I will probably wear something a little traditional. I did get one of those Islamic hats - a red one with gold embroidery. I tried it on the other day and it fits me perfectly. My brother got a similar hat, but his is black. The cap is called a taqiyah - it's kind of like a yarmulke.

My sister invited quite a few people - even a few non-Muslims that are friends of hers and her fiance's. I'm excited that one of my best friends is going to be there, since his older sister is friends with my older sister.

I think the wedding's going to be really nice.

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Good News


  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Congratulations to them! That's a very nice dress, too.


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