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Various lists that I made.

  1. Things you probably didn't know about me.

    Here's some shit you probably didn't know about me.

    1. I just got one of my ears pierced.
    2. I like to pretend that I have psychic powers.
    3. I shave my armpits. I keep my leg hair, though. (I know people who swim who shave all their body hair. I'm not one of those people. I like my leg hair.)
    4. I've been to Egypt. I even saw the pyramids.
    5. I have seen dolphins in the wild.
    6. I don't know how to blow bubblegum.
    7. I have very ...
  2. Top 5 WalrusGuy Videos!

    You probably know WalrusGuy, the creator of many Youtube Poops. I am going to choose his five best videos. This is just my opinion. It was hard to choose the best ones since there are so many good ones.

    5. Rapunzel 2008


    This video, based on an old anime about Grimm's Fairy Tales, is quite funny. It starts off by saying "in the middle of a deep forest, lived a b*tch named Rapunzel." Then the narrator ...
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  3. A brief list of my favourite words.

    Here are my favourite English words, in no particular order.

    1. Harlequin
    2. Tacky
    3. Trashy
    4. Fruity
    5. Fabulous
    6. Fugly
    7. Purity (as in ring, ball, etc.)
    8. Banned
    9. Deleted
    10. Illegal
    11. Oboe
    12. Zamboni
    13. Pasquinade (Hey Arnold reference)
    14. Qualm (Q-U-A-L-uhh, X?)
    15. Negus
    16. Banana
    17. Mezzaluna (a type of knife)
    18. Erratic
    19. Poppet
  4. 13 Worst Cartoons

    These are my least favourite cartoons. I figured I'd make a list since I love cartoons. NOTE: If you like any of these cartoons, don't be offended. I know that some of these (Family Guy in particular) do have sizeable fanbases.

    13. The Karate Kid cartoon. As a fan of the movies, I didn't really like the cartoon. It was just another cash-in, and it was too far-removed from the movie. I wish they included more of the movie characters that we actually recognised (Johnny Lawrence and ...
  5. Why I Hate Family Guy

    I HATE Family Guy. I really do. Ever since I knew about it I've hated it. People don't get why I hate it, but I do. Maybe I'm biased because I'm more of a Simpsons person, and the Simpsons has a lot of stuff Family Guy is guilty of (stereotypes included), but I just found it funnier.

    1. The characters are all stereotypes, and obnoxious ones at that! It plays straight more stereotypes than you'd think. Let's take a look:
    - The bumbling dad, Peter himself. And he's outright obnoxius, ...
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