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The 10 Worst Fanfics Ever

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Here are the fanfics that are the worst in my opinion. These are true abominations of writing.

(Warning: M-rated language involved!)

10. Legolas by Laura. Actually, this fanfic is funny and "so bad it's good", but it has reasons for being on this list. The main reason is the colossal amount of misspellings. In the first sentence, the writer says that there is a baby that is wrapped up in "colth", and Strider (did the writer forget that his real name is Aragorn?) is spelt "Strdier" . The grammar is also atrocious. And it's about Legolas finding a baby in the woods, raising her as his sister, and rescuing her from Mordor (it's "Mondor" in the story.) That baby is Laura, the title character, who is basically a huge idiot. The writer also doesn't know squat about Middle-earth's geography, and makes Rivendell, Mirkwood, and Mordor all a few hours from each other. The story ends in the middle of a sentence, but it is clear that the ending involves incest (and lolicon) between Legolas and Laura. (The writer apparently admitted years later that she was a troll and thought that it was stupid.)

9. Imma Wiserd. This is a Harry Potter fanfic, but it is written in Ebonics and is really bad with misspellings. It even has a warning of "IF U FLAM UR RASSIST". It's actually pretty funny, but hey.

8. Sonichu. Sonichu stories are really stupid and unfunny. And they are all so corny. Sonichu is evil!

7. Darkest Night. This is a Pokemon rapefic, and it is truly disgusting. It stars Grimsley of the Elite Four as a sexual predator. He rapes female challengers, and he has also raped Shauntal. Then he faces Hilda, and after battling her he rapes her. The fanfic is unfinished, but it is implied that Grimsley has gotten Hilda pregnant . The fanfic is an insult to Pokemon and an unfair characterisation of Grimsley. There is a link to it on the TV Tropes page "Ron the Death Eater".

6. Raspephabio. A mega crossover fanfic with tons of misspellings. It used to be on, but it was deleted. It is now on Pastebin. Read it to believe how bad it is.

5. Celebrian. Oh my, Celebrian is definitely bad! Readers are subject to over 20,000 words describing smut, orc genitals, lavender private parts, and corruption. Celebrian (Elrond's wife in LOTR) is captured by orcs and becomes their sex slave. The story describes her nipples as being lavender and dresses her in a silk thong . She drinks a magic breast-growing potion, and becomes addicted to the orcs' vanilla ice cream (which has the same effect as the potion). And when Celebrian sees tortured humans and the suffering of the elves that try to rescue her, she doesn't care. She loses interest in Elrond and marries the orcs' king . The grammar is actually pretty good, though there are a few misspellings.

4. Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. This is a fanfic for the Half-Life video game series. It stars John Freeman, the non-canonical brother of Gordon Freeman. John Freeman is a huge Gary Stu, and a very annoying one at that. Misspellings abound, and it is very badly written. The writer of the fanfic, squirrelking, was proven to be a troll.

3. My Immortal. And how! My Immortal is probably the one that all of you have heard of. It is about a "goff" Mary Sue with the hideous and pretentious moniker Ebony Dark'ness Raven Dementia Way . She drinks blood and is incredibly obnoxious and stupid. Draco Malfoy is her boyfriend (or, more accurately, her bitch). In the fanfic, Harry Potter has a pentagram for a scar, the characters "masticate" (which means "to chew", but here it's used for a dirty word), and Dumbledore gets sent to "Azerbaijan" . Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates makes a guest appearance. The story also contains an obscene amount of misspellings - in fact, every character's name is spelt no fewer than three different ways. Ebony's name is spelt at least ten different ways! Definitely something to be careful with.

2. Jesus and Hitler: A Romance. I found this on It is absolutely horrible. I think the title is enough of a reason to hate it. I don't feel like going into detail.

1. Angel of Death. This is an obscure story about a Mary Sue named Micki falling in love with Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi concentration camp doctor. That's right, DR. MENGELE! Being about Nazis, racism is inevitably part of the plot, but the problem is that the author apparently endorses it. Great - a fanfic written by a Nazi apologist . And why would you want a character to be in love with Dr. Mengele? Don't you realise that he was the guy who put eugenics into practice and caused the victims to die painful deaths? And of course there's Twu Wuv between Micki and Dr. Mengele involved. Someone (not the author) re-posted it to Fictionpress since it was taken off of the website it once was on.

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  1. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    2. Jesus and Hitler: A Romance.
    I loled
  2. Garren's Avatar
    Sonichu. Sonichu stories are really stupid and unfunny. And they are all so corny. Sonichu is evil!
    This should be #1 if you know the whole story...

    It's pretty messed up, on both sides.
  3. jasonwolf's Avatar
    Well I can't disagree as mine isn't on here. besides that oh boy you crazy neo-nazis
  4. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Why did you have to remind us about Sonichu?
  5. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    I don't think My Immortal should be on the list.

    Taken at face value, yes it's pretty godawful.

    But there's pretty strong evidence that it's a trollfic. And if that's the case (or if you just choose to read it as a trollfic), it's the stuff of legend.
  6. SharKing's Avatar
    If only you knew the understory behind Sonichu, you'd undoubtedly label it the #1 worst fanfic of all time. Sure, you'd also be scarred for life, but still.
  7. John Understands's Avatar
    So...what about "One Less Lonely Gurl"?

    Then again, it IS a troll fic.
  8. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    What about Christian Humber Reloaded?


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