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Oh my, it's a blog

Ohey, hello, White 2.

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by , 9th October 2012 at 03:38 PM (147 Views)
Life has been busy, and I haven't had much of a chance to go online like I used to. I do right now though, if only for a brief moment.

I've got White 2 now. :D I bought it on Monday instead of Sunday, since I didn't get to go down to the store on Sunday when it released.

Dude. I love Roxie's gym. So much. I'm in Nimbasa City going after Elesa's badge, but currently my favorite gym is Roxie's. :D The battle was super easy though.

So far, my team is this:

Lysander the Growlithe, male, level 24. Knows Ember, Fire Fang, Take Down, and Reversal.
Katakudria the Dewott, male, level 24. Knows Razor Shell, Tail Whip, Water Gun, and Water Sport.
Brawlamari the Lucario, male, level 25. Knows Force Palm, Foresight, Metal Sound, and Rock Smash. (Yes, I took the name from one of the bosses in KH3D.)
Momochii the Flaaffy, female, level 25. Knows Charge, Cotton Spore, Thunder Wave, and Electro Ball.
Kamasitya the Drifloon, female, level 25. Knows Payback, Stockpile, Ominous Wind, and Gust.
Sandile (N's Sandile), male, level 26. Knows Sand Tomb, Thief, Mud-Slap, and Swagger.

I got Kamasitya from Dream Radar. I love that game too :D Her ability is Flare Boost, which has actually come in handy a few times. I've caught all of N's Pokemon that can be found in the Desert Resort, which was a bit of a bitch, since it took me an hour to find that damn Sandile.

I'm excited~~ I wonder what's going to happen next. o.o

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