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blah shinies where are you

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So I've caught at least one shiny Pokemon in every generation that had them until now.

I haven't found one in X yet.

With me reading online how shinies seem to be found so much easier in this gen than previous ones, of course, it's making me want to find one of my own...

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  1. jda95's Avatar
    Yeah I generally considered myself pretty lucky with shinies, got them somewhat frequently in the past, but despite shinies everywhere in XY - nada.
  2. Eleven's Avatar
    I have encountered a total of eight shinies in all, and I'm having no luck with X. I don't really understand...
  3. Fenrisson's Avatar
    I also haven't found a shiny yet, but i hope i will find them soon. Good luck on your hunt!
  4. Codface's Avatar
    I've seen 3 on my Pokemon X so far.

    2 in hordes: Murkrow and Gulpin

    1 in Friend Safari: Chansey

    I do think the odds are easier this generation.

    I think the Tipping theory is rubbish but do have to admit the 2nd horde shiny came on the same day I did the restaurant perfect and tipped fully at the end.


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