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I learned, I read, I followed

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Gender: male
Sexuality:Wow i'm having fantasies about her
Race:I'm on the planet earth....i'll let you figure it out
History:now you're stalking
Dominant Hand:right
Dominant Eye:why....okay right
Pirates or Ninjas?:Ninjas
Single, Taken, or Both?: Yeah i'm a single boy. I'm still typing in my......what does that mean? How can I still be here and taken?
Xbox or Playstation?:Playstation for life.....sorry nintendo i'm not cheating on you
LotR or Star Trek?:Star trek because I felt like choosing
Preferred Salad Dressing:meat
Republican or Democrat?:I don't get it
Read the Book or Saw the Movie?:movie. I don't like reading without pictures
Right Brained or Left Brained?:Is my brain split in two? I don't know?
Uses a Night-Light?:Heck yeah
Batman or Spiderman?:batman. He always comes up with something to defeat somebody
Believes 'The Wizard of Oz' Harbors a Thinly Veiled Political Message?:I don't understand
Great Grandmother's Maiden Name:What is this?
Believes in Aliens?:Sure
Glass Half Full?:I don't understand
If transformed into a maniacal supervillain, their Legions of Terror will wear what insignia?: Of course Meloetta
Edward or Jacob?:Is this that Twilight crap. (No offense to anyone who likes it)
Who Would Win in a Fight, Xena or Chuck Norris?:Chuck Norris
Favorite Person on Bulbagarden:I can't hate myself. But I guess @The Togekiss; or probably @mwto;

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  1. Midorikawa's Avatar
    Aww I'm possibly you're favorite and you used my emoticon
  2. The Togekiss's Avatar


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