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Crazy princesses

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by , 29th July 2012 at 07:47 PM (236 Views)
I'm playing the White Knight Chronicles and we find the princess named Cisna. She is someone that my avatar, Leonard and the others are trying to rescue. Anyways we finally found her in these ruins and *stops*. Okay before what I was about to say. So we are there and this fat bad guy.......yeah I call him that because I don't think he is worth anything and is a complete jackass. One he used Kara's sister as a sacrifice to fuse her and three other people to form a powerful Gigas.....which was easy. Second he is a let's get to the last part. We had Cisna WITH us. Had. But it was her fault for:
One: Not staying close to my friends
Two: When that guy was taking her away, she didn't even try to break free from him. All she did was: HELP LEONARD!!! (She could of scratched him or kick him.......just saying)
Now I resume the quest to rescue her. But The White Knight Chronicles is still my favorite game!

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