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  1. Normal-type Reviews: Pidove, Tranquill & Unfezant

    We're back for the Normal-type reviews, and today we're going to focus on Pidove, Tranquill and Unfezant, Unova's early-game birds that are different from other early-game birds in several ways! If you are ready with this one, please proceed.

    Reviews , Normal Entries
  2. Drones. Drones, and a possible username change...

    Hello! I am soon to be getting a drone. I thought I would start in the entry level for quadcopters with cameras. I have been looking around (a lot) for the best one, and Ive already ordered it, but sometime I will be getting some more expensive ones, but it will be awhile.
    The one I ordered is the Syma X8C. I found it brand new for $27.00. On ebay, but it retailed for $119.99! Woot-Woot!!! :)
    One I was looking at was the X5C, retailed for $78.99, found it for 39.99.
    Once ...

    Updated 6th July 2015 at 05:34 PM by growlithemaster

    The wonderful mind of a growlithe...
  3. Test Your Sight!

    If you aren't aware, the title is a reference to a game mode in Mortal Kombat. This, however is about a different kind of game.


    Try it and see the results.

    First time I scored 21 with 0 mistakes = tiger.
    Second time I scored 31 with 0 mistakes = BETTER than hawk!
  4. Heaven or Hell,Hell and Hell

    Heaven or Hell is probably the best mode in Devil May Cry.Even better then Dante/Vergil/Lucia Must Die mode.It just gives some sort of satisfaction to kill Bianco Angelos and bossed like Bael or Dante (in the second fight) in one hit.By far,my favourite mode.Hell and Hell is pretty easy until you get to the Berial and the Bianco Angelos.I'm playing it in Devil May Cry 4 Refrain (I was also doing Heaven or Hell on DMC 4 Refrain),so I have unlimited gold orbs,but it's going to be hard doing it on ...
  5. Symphonic Evolutions Preparations Part 6 - Ordered M-Charizard!

    Sold stuff that I don't need on eBay, earned up to $40, and then ordered a M-Charizard X plush! While I will be away to see my family over in Tokyo, hopefully the plushie will arrive a little bit after I am back in Sydney later this month. Speaking of which, my real reason for my temporary trip home is due to two interviews and an archive retrieval for my research paper from August, on Tokyo Central Station. While I will have to elaborate more on another day, here is the station that was recently ...
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