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Dat hurricane!

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by , 27th October 2012 at 12:00 AM (1360 Views)
Like the cowardly fool I am, this post by redditor captainpixystick deeply troubles me.

Here are some "highlights":
Telling Northeasterners to chill is a bad idea. A local meteorologist explains why:

So here we are about 3 or 4 days away from what may be the worst storm for the Northeast since humans populated the area. I'm not kidding, that is a possibility. We know neither how strong this beast will be or exactly who will get the worst of it. Why? Because what is about to happen is unprecedented in the years that human have attempted to understand how the atmosphere works. Hurricanes have merged with colder air as an energetic jet stream interacts before. But perhaps not with the intensity of the factors coming into play this time.
And before I read up on this thing I was actually non-concerned with this "Frankenstorm".
Some believe as the storm approaches the coast it may intensify which means stronger winds. That means a widespread area of damage and power outages in the most populated part of the country. I feel there is a good chance we will still have some areas, perhaps entire communities, that lose power and still do not have it come Election Day a week later. Think about that ... no power on Election Day ... a hanging chad could pale in comparison.
But here's the problem ... the computer forecast models that all the forecasters will lean on so heavily have no chance of getting this exactly right. Models are either configured (numerically, in terms of the mathematical equations that drive them), to handle either tropical system well, or what we call mid-latitude systems well, that is ones with warm and cold air clashing. There is no model that handles both well. If there were we would have one great model and my life would be far less stressful.
So yes, there is a large degree of uncertainty. Which is possibly much scarier than bracing for a disaster.
The latest National Hurricane Center forecast takes Sandy early Tuesday into the New Jersey or Delaware Coast on a westward track (which by the way has NEVER happened since we have been keeping track of these sort of things). They may be weighing the models that handle tropical system a bit more heavily, but those models should become less accurate as the colder, mid-latitude air works into Sandy's circulation near landfall. As of early this afternoon we have a threat or landfall anywhere between the eastern shore of Maryland and Massachusetts. It may be later Monday or even as late as early Wednesday. We will hear about this storm for weeks after it happens. Homes will fall into the ocean and lives will be lost. If the damaging winds are widespread enough, it may be one of the costliest weather events in U.S. history due to the population likely affected.

Hopefully those near and along the coast in the Northeast are preparing for what will certainly be one for the ages.
Now obviously I can't vouch for the accuracy of these claims, but I do now understand the gravity of the situation. This storm should be far more paid attention to than Irene was (anyone remember that soft storm?)

If I lose power I'm going to miss my procrastination machine and warm food because, as you may have guessed, two college students do not typically have generators lying around.

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    This storm looks like it's gonna be pretty bad o_o
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  2. tyler212's Avatar
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    Oh Dammit, I hope it's not bad Irene flooded my basement and my neighbor's basement was literally 3/4 underwater. If that was a soft storm and this expected to be worse then I better get the buckets ready.
  3. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
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    at least i live far away
  4. Please Understand's Avatar
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    Hope everyone here at Bulbagarden survives.


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