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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Bah,humbug. Just kidding. I love Christmas. It's a day for stuffing your face and getting nice stuff. There is a much deeper meaning,but you can believe what you want to believe,and do on Christmas what you want. It's also a day for joy,and happiness.

Here is my blog.I wanted to do it now so anyone who reads it can read it before its too late. It's the first Christmas I've been here,and, looking back,the things I've said,and my usage has changed.
But who cares? I don't. To everyone here who celebrates it...


Below are a few things I've got to say to people.

@The Christmas Knight;

@Rio Kamishiro;

People I feel I should mention but don't have enough to write something about.

So now two last ones. Credit if you still care.



Anyone who actually reads this gets a thumbs up from me.
Again,merry Christmas!

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Updated 22nd December 2012 at 05:25 PM by Caterham



  1. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    ... I still care. Thanks bro.
  2. Marcie's Avatar
    Thanks kiddo, have a nice Christmas.
  3. Caterham's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MidnightSunset
    ... I still care. Thanks bro.
    No problem dude. Say...

    @Pokemoll; Thanks! I will! I always do.
  4. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    Say what?
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Thanks. Merry Christmas!
  6. Karisse's Avatar
    Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too ^^
  7. Yuko's Avatar
    Merry Christmas :) Have a good one.


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