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Lest We Forget

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Remembrance Day. A day for people to remember the soldiers who died fighting for our country. Or at least in Britain,I'm not sure about anywhere else. But,if these soldiers hadn't fought,and died,to protect our freedom,who knows what the world would be like today.I took part in a parade today,and it was very good that so many people turned up.
But,alas,the day was not perfect. It had to be ruined.
Ruined,by two Scottish football teams, who refused to wear poppies on their strips. One of these teams were banned by their manager.
The other,well... In 2009,they underwent a minute silence. And it must have been the loudest minute silence ever. Last year,they unfurled a banner,stating that all soldiers should rot in hell.
Now,don't get me wrong-it wasn't the club itself. Or all of the fans.
Just a small minority ruined it. A day to remember soldiers.
I would like to express disappointment at these people,who have been disgraceful in their actions,but, thankfully,the rest of Britain showed a good example.
One club even brought four hundred members of the armed forces onto their pitch.
But,football has nothing to do with my point.
Lest we forget the sacrifice these men and woman made.

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