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by , 25th October 2012 at 01:52 PM (1405 Views)
Look,you guys,I might be leaving. But I will let you guys convince me to stay, if you want me to. But I'm gonna write this as if I will leave.
Where to start?
@Kululu; I suppose we have had fun together. I guess I should be sorry we had so many arguments. You're a nice guy,just don't be so... Annoying.
@The Twilight Knight; Bro,it's gonna be hard leaving. There isn't much I can say,except good luck with Dani,and thanks for everything.
@Midorikawa; Well,I suppose I should be thankful for you helping me with Ocean. And you were right. Sorry I was so arrogant,and honestly,just enjoy your life.
@Rio Kamishiro; You've helped me through a lot,and I really appreciate it.
Unfortunately,you're efforts were to no avail,it hasn't turned out well. But thank you anyway.
@Caprizant; Well,there's only one thing I can say.
Look,Fin-Fin is really nice,and I honestly hope you two can turn out well together.
And that is all. I understand I have left people out. Two I don't want to know I've gone,one...well,it probably isn't that big a deal.
You guys,if you want me to stay,hurry up and tell me. Otherwise,thank you for everything.

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  1. Black Dragon's Avatar
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    Oh, okay then. EVERYONE! SWITCH TO VM's!!! XD
  2. Bill Cipher's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaara Of The Desert
    I don't know exactly what you mean.
    ORLY? I'm only going to stop 'cause an admin said so.
  3. Gaga's Avatar
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    If he's 11 he has no idea what heartbreak is, or love.

    I'd urge everyone who's bothering her to leave this "Ocean" person alone, including you Gaara.

    Edit: Sorry, just read that we should stop commenting. Sorry about commenting, just really think this should be said.
    Bill Cipher likes this.
  4. Everdeen's Avatar
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    Can you all just stop commenting?
    Professor Erin and I are gonna sort things out.
  5. TheCapsFan's Avatar
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    Please mods, stop this before it gets out of hand like it did last time...let's not result to bans and infractions...
  6. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
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    Okay. Done here. And do not take the drama to VMs/PMs, either. Just drop it.
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