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  1. Quest for the Thorn: Complete

    After a late night of relentlessly pounding the pavement, the hard work is rewarded with my second ferro with 4 IV's;
    Ferrothorn (calm) with 31 Atk, Def, S Atk, S Def.

    And the quest is complete!
    A female leech seed ferrothorn, relaxed nature.
    31 Def, 31 S Def, 31 HP.

    I read this is a good 'wall' or 'staller' of sorts. Must look into what I shall attempt next. This breeding for IV's sure rewards patience, to a point.

    Updated 28th July 2012 at 07:22 PM by Stumps

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  2. Quest for the Thorn

    Trying to make a 31 HP, Def, S Def Relaxed Ferrothorn is harder than I thought.
    I've got;
    31 Def, HP, Spd Relaxed Ferro~
    31 Def, 31 HP, 31 S Def Brave Ferro~
    31 Atk, 31 Def, 31 S Def Jolly Ferro~
    31 Atk, 31 Def, 31 S Def, 31 Speed Lax Ferro~

    I got my first "Outstanding" 151 to 186 IV;
    31 Def, 31 Speed Calm Ferro~
    Not too sure what to think about this one, but its a first.

    Mass genocider of many Ferrothorns. ...