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My first blog here, yayz? :P

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by , 19th June 2012 at 08:41 AM (247 Views)
Sup folks?

Have to say, getting quite used to the whole pokemon community thing.....and the girls. =P Lol again, don't mind me....I just never really got a full dose of em on other forums since there were only a handful back then. (And no, I ain't a perv! >.>;; )


I was wondering how many of you would be interested in me starting a graphics group here? :P

As I mentioned before in my intro thread, the group will pretty much bring out all the artists here and put em in one single spot for stuff like roll call, rankings, contests, special events, and special projects we can do as either individuals rivaling each other or teams working together. And of course, prizes, perks and promotions will be involved.

There were a couple of forums where I was put in charge of reviving their graphic sections so I do have a bit of experience in providing the needed bait and luring all the potential peeps who would take part. In this case since we already have a GIGANTIC base of active artists and their works we can easily round em all long as they comply/agree with the whole idea that is.

Before I proceed to make suggestions with the ppl upstairs, I will first post here to see how many of you are actually interested.

If majority feels like this could work then goody for all, but if otherwise......weeeell I don't see why not but heck it was still worth asking from my end.

~Comment NAO (plz? xD)

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