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When you really wanna get involved in competitive battling...

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by , 13th August 2013 at 01:39 PM (270 Views)
...but none of my preferred Pokémon teams would ever beat serious online players.

Just to be clear - this is not a rant against the state of the competitive landscape. I have grown to appreciate good online battlers, even if it does mean watching battle after battle featuring the same 10/12 Pokémon.

As much as I would love to get involved, particularly with the impending release of X&Y which I am UNSPEAKABLY excited for, I know myself that I would never enjoy using Pokémon that aren't my favourites.

I know I've blogged about this kind of thing before, and if anyone has read those previous blogs (unlikely) then I apologise. But it really frustrates me. I know there are avenues out there to battle online with like-minded people using their favourite Pokémon and not just Cresselia et al - but I would love to get SERIOUSLY involved. I'm talking, Regional Championships etc.

I fear that I may have to simply come to terms with the fact that this part of my Pokémon ambition will never be fulfilled.

Such is life.

If anyone's interested, the team I would love to take part in championships with (if it was viable) would be the following -

Arcanine (or possibly the fully evolved form of Litleo, depending on how that turns out)
Froakies final form (if the water/fighting typing comes true)

My 6th would be either Mightyena (useless I know. Perhaps it will get a Mega Evolution. That'd be sweet) or Absol. Maybe. The 6th is always a tough pick for me.

Stoutland and Dragonite will most likely be in my Pokemon teams forever from now on.

Anyway that's that!

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  1. Narcisse's Avatar
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    Ive been thinking about my team (if Froakie and Litleo work out) and since the only real weaknesses are against Rock, Flying and Electric... if the team are bred for IVs and EV trained etc... could this work?

    Or is this just wishful thinking...
  2. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
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    You really can just use whatever pokémon you want. In fact it's respected that you manage to win with any pokémon. The thing is that you must carefully build team cohesion, which simply means you can't just go use your six favourite pokémon at once with a random moveset.
    Use one you like best, look at strategies it can have going for or even try to devise your own, then think of one you like that compliments that one well, and so on.

    For example, obviously Dragonite is a pretty high OU and a pretty solid pokémon to build a team around or even just add to any team, so that's one you don't have to worry about.
    Stoutland, according to Smogon, isn't an stellar pokémon but still a pretty valid choice for double battles too. However, it wouldn't be a good idea to pair a Sand Stream variant to Dragonite, since the later HATES sandstorm, so if you put both together you want to use Intimidate. Or if you maybe like Tyranitar make a team pairing Stoutland with it instead.
    Espeon is generally really good, specially to give Dragonite a bit of shielding from the dreaded Stealth Rock.

    Absol if played carefully can be utterly devastating and it's generally considered pretty good in its own tier.

    But yeah, generally you can use ANY pokémon. The problem lies in the rest of the team, but as you have a wide variety of options you still can bring a pretty personal team, it just needs careful thought put onto it... mostly taking into account the roles each pokémon are going to do, rather than the pokémon itself in question.

    What I'm trying to get at is that you shouldn't feel discouraged from trying to play competitively even if you ARE using the pokémon you like-- almost everyone does, and in fact the last tournaument had plenty of unusual pokémon standing out.

    And even if you do use a team mostly joined by simply they being your favourites, almost always there are ways to make them work reasonably well. It just is much harder and not as effective as a purely purposeful team... but where is the fun in using a cookie-cutter team that is just "good pokémon" thrown together, that skips the crucial part of battles that is arranging a team and making it work?
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  3. Narcisse's Avatar
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    @Infinity Mk-II;

    Thank you so much for your response, it's nice to hear someone confirm that if enough thought and strategy is put into it I may be able to compete online with my favourite Pokémon.

    I'll keep you informed :)


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