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by , 13th September 2012 at 07:37 PM (192 Views)

I don't wanna just throw a thread out there into the abyss, so could anyone shed some light on where exactly is the best place to post a thread asking for Pokerus?

I can't decide between Munchlax Cravings or Goldenrod.

Thank you good people of Bulbagarden.

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  1. Joltik's Avatar
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    I would say Munchlax Cravings, you ask for stuff there, while Goldenrod is more of a you give me X I'll get you Y kind of play(I may be a little off on the latter, as I don't spend much time there)
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    Goldenrod Tunnel seems to be the right subforum to ask for that.
  3. Narcisse's Avatar
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    Thanks for the quick responses guys!

    Even if you have split me right down the middle haha :)

    To compromise I shall post it in both but in the Goldenrod one I'll offer something in exchange.

    Job done :)
  4. Zeb's Avatar
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    Go with Munchlax's Cravings. Goldenrod is mainly for services like tradebacks for evolutions/pokedex fillers, then cloning, etc. MC is just for straight forward trading (I'm looking for this and I can offer you this in return).
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  5. Narcisse's Avatar
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    Majority wins.

    Thanks Zeb


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