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I'm only here because of the 2DS

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by , 29th August 2013 at 09:18 PM (594 Views)
I'm technically not here. (Recently started avoiding Bulbagarden until after X&Y are released to avoid spoilers).

However, I knew there would be a lot of 2DS chat, so I just wanted to come along to say a couple of simple things to all the naysayers.

1. It's not aimed at you, get over it. (It's about as much aimed at you as those fake plastic laptops that help toddlers identify which noises come from which farmyard animals and how to spell)

2. If it introduces young kids to Nintendo... how can you not be in favour of that?

I shall now take my leave once more.

See you all in October :)

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  1. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
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    Strawman man
  2. SharKing's Avatar
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    Trying to avoid spoilers? Trust me, kid, that's impossible unless you stay off the Internet in general.
  3. Narcisse's Avatar
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    It's not really. This and the official Pokémon site are the only sites I would ever visit that have anything remotely about Pokémon on them.

    So unless Sky Sports News do an article on X&Y, I think I'll be ok :)

    Also, I'm 24.

    I'm not sure who you think you are, making that sort of accusation against me but I can assure you I have seen a lot of people slating the 2DS for precisely the points that I raised. Not sure what your original, deleted post was. Perhaps something even more unreasonable?
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    Updated 30th August 2013 at 05:11 AM by Narcisse


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