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God Bless you GameFreak and Pokémon Company

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I'm avoiding the forums at the moment to avoid spoilers but I just wanted to quickly sign in to write this -

Over the past week or so, I've spent my free time playing two new games I bought - GTA V and Fifa 14. Strangely, only around 50% of the time spent playing these games has actually been enjoyable.

Fifa 14s menus and interface is extremely laggy (PS3). Sounds like a small detail but its extremely frustrating. Especially if your mode of choice is Career Mode, like me. It's makes the time between matches really tedious.

GTA V... Well the 1-player is, unsurprisingly, stupendously good in my opinion. I love almost everything that Rockstar do. Then came GTA online.

Oh dear.

I won't go into details, mainly because most of you will know what I'm going to say and also because there is not enough time in the day to go into detail about what is wrong with the online mode.

The purpose of this blog is really just to say that my experience of these games recently has made me appreciate even more than I already did, the product we get when we buy a Pokémon game.

Stuff. Just. Works.

The production value (for what they are aiming for) is always top class. The games work. Simple as that. There is never a concern about technical issues and all that nonsense which is unfortunately massively common throughout many of the big multiplayer games these days.

I know that Rockstar are trying to achieve something HUGE with GTA online, and I'm sure it'll all be sorted eventually. But I do not appreciate paying so much money to basically be a Beta tester for a fortnight or however long the problems persist.

I'm always more excited for the release of main series Pokemon games than any other games but perhaps because I'm so used to always getting an excellent product I had forgotten that Gamefreak could easily mess it up. But they never do. We all trust them, and rightly so. They know this, therefore they reward us with greatness in the form of a video game.

Rockstar and EA sports could take a leaf out of the Gamefreak book in my humble opinion.

Bring on the 12th! Sorry Playstation... Looks like you'll be gathering dust...

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