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Dear Benga

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Dear Benga,

Thanks for the shiny dratini. I've had some fun training it for a little while now. I realised however, that it doesn't have the Multiscale ability.
I should've probably asked whether the dratini had the ability or not when I met you at your grandfathers house and you handed it over but I was too excited about the whole situation so it must've slipped my mind.

I don't even want to think about how long I spent in that White Treehollow, man. There's no food or drink in there. I had a few Fresh Waters for my Pokemon but nothing for me. Have you any idea how degrading that was? I was talking to one of the nurses in there and she told me that you don't let them leave for some fresh air or anything. You don't even let them sit down.

So much sacrifice, so much time and effort I put in to get to you in that damn massive tree all because of a rumour I heard that you had a shiny dratini to give away to the first person to beat you. It doesn't have Multiscale, man. What is with that? Receiving that Pokemon made up for having to survive in that fucking tree by eating bugs that had attached themselves to the underbelly of my Arcanine...

...and now I find out it's not even worth using...?!

You suck, man. Just wait 'til you're older. I'm gonna come back to Flocessy Town with a friend of mine who used to be a gym leader in a town called Pewter, way over in Kanto. That's right..gym leader. Not some leader of an oversized tree prison. Me and him are gonna kick your ass.

Thanks for absolutely nothing,

Yours sincerely,
Fuck you.

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